Team Details

Pritha Mohinta || COO

Pritha Mohinta is a highly accomplished and dedicated Human Resource professional with a rich background spanning 18 years in both the corporate and education industries. Holding an MBA in Finance & Marketing from IMT Ghaziabad and an Executive MBA in HR from XLRI, Pritha is well-versed in managing the entire employee lifecycle, from recruitment and training to retention.

With a strong foundation in PR and Marketing, Pritha excels in effective communication and branding strategies. Her proven expertise in talent acquisition is evident through the successful design and implementation of innovative strategies to attract and retain top-notch talent.

Pritha is recognized for her exceptional interpersonal skills and a natural go-getter attitude, complemented by strong logical and analytical thinking. In addition to her corporate achievements, she holds the esteemed position of an examiner for the BEC examination with Cambridge University, showcasing her commitment to academic excellence. Furthermore, Pritha serves as a freelance Corporate Trainer with the British Council, contributing her skills and knowledge to enhance professional development.

Pritha Mohinta stands as a seasoned professional with a diverse skill set, combining business acumen, HR proficiency, and a commitment to continuous learning and development.